what is squared?

squared is a quality crafted wooden board game designed and made in Ireland.

squared comes in three variants;

  • walnut
  • beech
  • birch ply
Each board is hand-finished with solvent-free wood oil.

three wooden versions of squared

how do I play?

Find a friend (or enemy) to play with
Put your phone on silent (or turn it off)
Put on the kettle and make a cuppa
Toss a coin to decide who goes first
Sit, think, talk, relax, enjoy and maybe try to win!

beech board in play

no really, how do I play?

squared is a game for two, with rules you can learn in under 30 seconds. If you can play noughts-and-crosses, X's & O's or tic-tac-toe then you can master squared.

Suitable for kids from about 10 to 110!

Check out the video for a tutorial on how to play.

what's in the box?

  1. a beautiful squared board in birch plywood, solid beech or walnut
  2. forty white marbles in a natural cotton bag
  3. forty black marbles in a black cotton bag
  4. six white square markers
  5. six black square markers
  6. a set of rules

walnut board game contents

get squared online now

squared is available exclusively online through our Tictail store.
Please have a look and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.